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About The Omar Latiff Foundation

The Omar Latiff Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Adil Latiff. Driven by its strong moral and ethical codes the NPO strives to provide philanthropic relief in whatever form is possible.

— Community Relief

Food hampers will be the primary source of relief alongside water. These will contain various consumables such as tinned items and goods that only require shelving with long-life.

Clothing will be provided if necessary, these will be handed out to the homeless and underprivileged. These will include winter wears and items such as blankets etc.

— Bursaries

The OLF student bursary fund will be aimed at previously disadvantaged groups primarily. Thereafter will come individuals who seek education but cannot afford to pay for it granted to youth first.

These bursaries can include fees, transportation, housing, admission costs, uniforms for those who require and also textbooks.

— Disaster Management

OLF will attempt to be a first responder if possible to disasters that impact citizens. These can range from natural disasters to freak accidents such as fires which spread widely in informal settlements.

The Disaster Response will seek to provide temporary housing in times of crisis along with living necessities so long as it is possible to do so.

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